X Location


X Location

X Location will NOT give you'r exact location like a GPS system, but X Location
can learn an aproximate location and do an automated task when you enter/leave
a that location.How it works?Simple.Every mobile phoneoperator
splits the space into cellsa circle with variable radius. These cells are fixet
(for ex, if your home is in the cell nr 215, there will be tomorow,
the day after tomorow, the next month, the next year).
And your phone knows that in witch cell is he curently registered, so the X Location
only monitor this number, without any extra cost form anybody,
and when it changes, he can react.Lets take an example
X Location learned that the cell nr 2441 is your schools cell, than, when you enter this area,
X Location automaticly sets the Vibrate only profile on your phone,
and when you leave this area, it restores the default profile, so you don't need to worry that
your phone will sing a polka dance right in the middle of a lesson.

Please note, that X Location is only in pre-alpha phase
that means that for the moment it can monitor only 1 cell, and send
you a notice when you enter or leave this cell.